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Gold Jewelry

How to clean earrings?

We often get asked by our customers, how to clean earrings or what the best way is to clean your hoop earrings? 

Option 1: Go to a jewellery shop - It is likely that your local jeweller will have an ultrasonic cleaner and can clean your earrings for you while you wait.

Option 2: Use a polishing cloth - Light cleaning can be done with a gold or silver polishing cloth. This is a handy way of cleaning your earrings at home.

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Re-plating Earrings

The 18ct Gold plating on your hoop earrings will not last forever.

The best way to have your earrings re-plated is to bring them to your local jeweller.

Gold plating can cost between €10 - €30 per item depending on the size of your jewellery.

Please email for more info.

We often get asked by our customers, how to fix earrings that have been bent our of shape or what the best way is to tighten your hoop earrings if they stop clicking?

Please see some useful videos below:

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How to fix Earrings?



Jewelry Designer

How to keep gold vermeil earrings looking gold for longer?

This is one of our most popular requests and unfortunately there is no easy solution. Our recommendations are as follows:

Keep your earrings away from hand sanitiser, make-up, perfume, creams and alcohol. Try not to keep rubbing or touching your earrings in the ear.

Our gold vermeil is long lasting because it is coated with 2.2 microns of gold. Depending on how careful you are, you can get up to 4+  years out of the gold plating.

Gold Vermeil has a base layer of Sterling Silver which means your earrings can be re-plated for a whole lifetime. 

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